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  • v2.2 Changes

    March 26, 2019

    βœ… Migrating framework, tests and demo to Swift 5. (Thanks @hannseman!)

  • v2.0.1 Changes

    August 22, 2017

    βž• Adding two more flags, Saint Helena and Saint Martin

  • v2.0 Changes

    August 09, 2017

    πŸš€ This is a big release! All flags have been updated, SVG assets have been added, and the iOS/macOS/tvOS framework has been restored and improved.

    ⚑️ Updated flags

    πŸ’… Flags are no longer styled per default. FlagKit 1.0 styled the flags with rounded corners and shadows in the image. FlagKit 2.0 no longer provides that styling per default, instead we provide rectangular flags, allowing you to style them however fits your use case πŸŽ‰

    🍱 SVG assets

    🍱 All flags are now available as SVG assets.

    Framework for Apple platforms

    🍎 FlagKit is once again available as a framework for iOS, macOS, and tvOS. It can easily be installed using package managers such as Carthage and CocoaPods.

    🍎 > ⚠️ FlagKit framework now requires at least iOS 10.0, tvOS 10.0, or macOS 10.10

    πŸ’… The API has changed significantly, because of the changes mentioned above. Flags are now retrieved as a Flag model, which allows you to access flags in different styled options (rounded rect, square, circle). You can also easily access the original styled flag for customizing yourself. See the readme for instructions on how to use the new API.

    A sample project has been created, showing how to list flags and customize the styling of flags in code.

    Project restructure

    • 🍱 All assets are now grouped per asset type in the Assets folder
    • Source code for the framework and sample project is located in the Source folder
  • v1.1.1 Changes

    July 20, 2016

    A flag for Northern Ireland added.

    There is an issue with the flag of Northern Ireland, but we decided to go with the one they used in the UEFA Euro, the Ulster Banner.

  • v1.1 Changes

    June 17, 2016
    • 41 new country flags
    • Flags for England, Wales and Scotland
    • Pride flag
    • Regional flags for SkΓ₯ne and California
  • v1.0.7 Changes

    December 02, 2015
    • Flags for continents added
    • 1x images are now exported
    • 15 new flags for countries you never knew existed!
  • v1.0.5 Changes

    October 26, 2015

    The framework will now be built for both iOS and OSX when using Carthage.

  • v1.0.4 Changes

    October 21, 2015

    πŸ‘ Finally adding support for Cocoapods.

  • v1.0.3 Changes

    October 21, 2015

    βž• Adding a dynamic framework target supporting OSX. Thanks @yageek for the help! :)

  • v1.0.2 Changes

    October 14, 2015

    βž• Adding flag for Sri Lanka