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License: MIT License
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BankCard & CreditCard generator with Swift 3 using SnapKit DSL

iCard is a simple tool for generate Credit & Bank Card , it represent cards as UIView and it's a subclass of UIView


.chip1 - .blueway - .withBothBankIcon - .cirrusIcon & .chip3 - .blueway - .withBothBankIcon - .masterCardIcon

alt-text-1 alt-text-2

.chip2 - .yelloway - .googleWalletIcon - .cirrusIcon & .chip2 - .yelloway - .withDefaultTitles

alt-text-1 alt-text-2

.chip1 - .cirrusIcon - .withBothBankIcon & .chip2 - .withBothBankIcon

alt-text-1 alt-text-2


init(cardStyleWithBackgroundColor: cardStyle , withCardColors colors: cardColors , pinIcon: chipIcons , creditIcons: creditIcons)

For creating iCard with single backgroundColor , you should use this initalizer and you must choose cardStyle, cardColors, pinIcons and creditIcons

let simpleCard: iCreditCard = iCreditCard(cardStyleWithBackgroundColor: .withBothBankIcon, withCardColors: .blueway, pinIcon: .chip1, creditIcons: .cirrusIcon)

And if you create an iCreditCard with has a unique background image , you can easily use this init function. You must send UIImage to init otherwise if withCardImage is nil , it will have simple backgroundColor.

init(cardStyleWithBackgroundImage: cardStyle , withCardImage: UIImage?, pinIcon: chipIcons , creditIcons: creditIcons)

Here is a simple creation of iCard with backgroundImage

let simpleCard: iCreditCard = iCreditCard(cardStyleWithBackgroundImage: .withBothBankIcon, withCardImage: UIImage(named:"simpleBackgroundImage"), pinIcon: .chip2, creditIcons: .maestroIcon)

Convenience Init

You can also create iCard with no-parameter or single-parameter

convenience init(){
self.init(cardStyleWithBackgroundColor: .withBothBankIcon, withCardColors: .yelloway, pinIcon: .chip1, creditIcons: .cirrusIcon) }

Here is a simple example of it . If you use this initializer you will created a iCard with .withBothBankIcon style , .yelloway color , .chip1 chip and .cirrusIcon icon

Here is a simple usage

let simpleCard: iCreditCard = iCreditCard()

Another convenience init is below.

convenience init(cardColors: cardColors){
self.init(cardStyleWithBackgroundColor: .withBothBankIcon, withCardColors: .yelloway, pinIcon: .chip2, creditIcons: .americanExpressIcon)

Here is a simple usage of it

let simpleCard2: iCreditCard = iCreditCard(cardColors: .blueway)


public enum cardColors{
case blueway
case yelloway

cardColors using when choose card backgroundColor , now support only 2 color as blue and yellow

public enum cardVisual{
case withBackgroundColor
case withBackgroundImage

cardVisual is used to choose card type.

public enum cardStyle{
case withDefaultTitles
case withTopBankIcon
case withBottomBankIcon
case withBothBankIcon

cardStyle is used to set card style to different type.

public enum chipIcons{
case chip1
case chip2
case chip3

chipIcons is used to choose card chip icons, there are only 3 different chip icons

public enum creditIcons{
case americanExpressIcon
case bitcoinIcon
case bluePayIcon
case cirrusIcon
case citiIcon
case clickBank
case cvsIcon
case googleWalletIcon
case hsbcIcon
case maestroIcon
case maestroIcon2
case masterCard
case masterCardMini
case masterCardDetail
case moneyGramIcon
case paypalIcon
case paypalIconSimple
case visaIcon
case visaIconBigger
case visaIconText
case wePayIcon
case westernUnionIcon
Parameter Icons
public enum chipIcons{
case chip1
case chip2
case chip3
Parameter Icons

Font and Icons

I have used HALTER__.ttf font for cardNumber and also 've used Icon-Icons Website for all icons.


git clone REPO_URL
cd iCard/
use iCreditCard.swift 


Want to contribute? Feel free to contribute anything on this with describing contributed part


  • Write Tests
  • Add BackView Generator with init



Open Source

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the iCard README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.