Network libraries

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  • Alamofire

    10.0 7.7 L3 Swift
    elegant networking in Swift.
  • ShadowsocksX-NG

    10.0 3.3 Swift
    A fast tunnel proxy that helps you bypass firewalls.
  • Moya

    9.9 7.0 L1 Swift
    network abstraction layer.
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  • Vapor

    9.9 8.5 L4 Swift
    Elegant web framework for Swift that works on iOS, OS X, and Ubuntu.
  • Perfect

    9.9 2.6 L3 Swift
    Server-side Swift. The Perfect library, application server, connectors and example apps.
  • SkeletonView

    9.8 8.6 Swift
    An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents he is waiting
  • Reachability.swift

    9.7 3.1 L5 Swift
    A replacement for Apple's Reachability re-written in Swift with closures.
  • Kitura

    9.7 0.6 L1 Swift
    IBM's web framework and server for web services written in Swift.
  • Starscream

    9.7 5.9 L1 Swift
    Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX.
  • Socket.IO

    9.5 0.6 L2 Swift
    Socket.IO client for iOS/OS X.
  • swifter

    9.2 5.9 L1 Swift
    Http server written in Swift with routing handler.
  • NEKit

    9.2 4.6 L4 Swift
    A toolkit for Network Extension Framework
  • OAuthSwift

    9.1 6.5 L2 Swift
    Swift based OAuth library for iOS.
  • Netfox

    9.0 2.4 L4 Swift
    A lightweight, one line setup, network debugging library in Swift.
  • SwiftSoup

    8.7 4.9 Swift
    Pure Swift HTML Parser, with best of DOM, CSS, and jquery.
  • SwiftHTTP

    8.6 0.0 L3 Swift
    NSURLSession wrapper.
  • Kanna

    8.5 5.3 L3 Swift
    another XML/HTML parser for Swift.
  • Siesta

    8.5 6.8 L1 Swift
    Elegant abstraction for REST APIs that untangles stateful messes. An alternative to callback- and delegate-based networking.
  • Swifton

    8.4 0.0 L5 Swift
    A Ruby on Rails inspired Web Framework for Swift that runs on Linux and OS X.
  • APIKit

    8.3 2.4 L5 Swift
    a library for building type-safe web API client.
  • Zewo

    8.3 6.0 L5 Swift
    Server-Side Swift.
  • Wormholy

    8.2 7.2 Swift
    iOS network debugging, like a wizard ๐Ÿง™โ€.
  • ResponseDetective

    8.2 2.9 L5 Swift
    A non-intrusive framework for intercepting any outgoing requests and incoming responses between your app and server for debugging purposes.
  • SwiftSocket

    8.2 1.3 L3 Swift
    simple TCP socket library.
  • SwiftWebSocket

    8.0 0.0 L1 Swift
    A high performance WebSocket client library for swift.
  • CocoaMQTT

    7.8 4.3 L4 Swift
    MQTT for iOS and OS X written with Swift.
  • BlueSocket

    7.8 3.2 L1 Swift
    IBM's low level socket framework.
  • Just

    7.7 0.1 L3 Swift
    HTTP for Humans (a python-requests style HTTP library in Swift).
  • OAuth2

    7.6 2.3 L2 Swift
    oauth2 auth lib.
  • Connectivity

    7.5 7.0 Swift
    ๐ŸŒ Makes Internet connectivity detection more robust by detecting Wi-Fi networks without Internet access.