RxFlow v2.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-06 // 12 days ago
    • FlowContributor.contribute(withNext:): shortcut function in case we have a single actor that is a Presentable and also a Stepper
    • ➕ add SPM support (thanks to @MortyMerr)
    • switch to GitHub Actions for the CI
    • ➕ add a tech talk reference in the README file
    • ⬆️ bump to Swift 5.1

Previous changes from v2.4.0

  • 🚀 This release contains the following improvements:

    • CI is now performed by CircleCI
    • FlowContributors.multiple has been extended to handle all kinds of FlowContributor (#121) thanks to @MortyMerr.