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Creating iOS Application Icons with SwiftUI

by Eneko Alonso

An interesting way to use SwiftUI with CLI for icon generation.

Announcing ArgumentParser

by Nate Cook

Swift team have released type-safe argument parsing framework.

The Ultimate Guide To Swift Executables ๐Ÿš€

by Federico Zanetello

Just as described in the name of the article.

Creating a command line tool using the Swift Package Manager

by Antoine v.d. SwiftLee

Basic guide about SPM tools with simple one-command installation.

Command-line argument parsing using Swift Package Manager's SPMUtility module

by Derik Ramirez

The article contains a detailed example of generation Bash/Zsh autocomletion for SPM projects.

Using Swift for scripting

by Derik Ramirez

Good article to start with scripting.

A RunLoop for your Swift script

by Alejandro Martinez

Using async operations in your scripts is simpler than you think.


by Mattt

An article about a project that adds dependencies to your scripts.

Swift Tip: Using AppKit from the Command-line

by objc.io

Explanation of using GUI in your Swift scripts.

Apple's new Utility library will power up command-line apps

by Paul Hudson

Examples of using Utility framework. ArgumentParser and TerminalController are really useful.

Building a command line tool using the Swift Package Manager

by John Sundell

Personally my favorite article. In format of tutorial with recommendations based on real experience.

Scripting and Compiling Swift on the Command Line

by Jason Blevins

A simple introduction to Swift Scripting with Fibonacci Sequence.

Introduction to the Swift REPL

by Apple

Interactive Swift sessions right in your console.

Command Line Swift

by Russ Bishop

Working with different toolchains. Might be helpful for Server-side Swift projects ๐Ÿค”

Command Line Programs on macOS Tutorial

by Eric A. Soto

Step-by-step tutorial with output streams, command-line arguments, and interactive input.

Swift Package Manager macOS deployment target override

by Ole Begemann

As you can understand from the title, the author writes about deployment target overriding in Swift Script project.

Handling Commands with Swift Package Manager ArgumentParser

by Eneko Alonso

Want to use ArgumentParser like a pro? You should definitely read this.

How to fuzz-test a Swift package

by Loรฏc Lecrenier

Advanced technique of SPM package testing - fuzz-testing via libFuzzer.

How to Build Swift Compiler-Based Tool? The Step-by-Step Guide

by Krzysztof Siejkowski

Awesome guide about using Swift compiler in your CLI tools.


UIKonf 2020 - Federico Zanetello - Swift Scripts: Zero to Hero

by Federico Zanetello

Every iOS/macOS developer uses (scripting) tools such as fastlane and swiftLint to automate tasks as much work as possible: in this talk we will dive into how we can build our own Swift scripts.

Scripting in Swift For a Testable Build

by Ellen Shapiro

Underlying many large iOS projects is a tangled nest of bash scripts that developers are often afraid to touch for fear of breaking something, and which is littered with print statements from generations of developers trying to figure out how on earth it works. How can we move away from this mess and to something more sustainable? Ellen will discuss moving a codebase like this to a command line tool that can be called from a Swift script, and which can be tested and breakpointed, and just might save a tiny bit of your sanity.

Swift scripting in practice

by John Sundell

Awesome talk by open-source ninja. Contains real-world cases, good points, and live demo.

Swift Scripting Redux: Localization

by Ayaka Nonaka

Mix of Swift Scripting and Localization.

Swift Scripting

by Ayaka Nonaka

Old but good talk. Pay attention to Dependency Management section.


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