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  • v1.0.0

    January 09, 2016

    This is a full rewrite of SwiftAutoLayout with the following major changes/additions:

    • 👍 Setting layout priorities is supported using the ~ operator
    • 👌 Support for UILayoutGuide and NSLayoutGuide
    • 👌 Support for constraining using UIViewController layout guides
    • Layout item types are now parametrized using a shadow type that determines whether the constraint is an X axis, Y axis, or dimension constraint for additional type safety
    • 🛠 The al_ prefixes have been dropped from the layout item accessors (e.g. view.al_left is now view.left)
    • 🚚 The method equivalents (e.g. greaterThanOrEqualTo() instead of >=) to the operator overloads have been removed since these are needlessly verbose and do not add much value over using the (NS|UI)LayoutAnchor API