SwiftUI Drawer v0.0.4-beta Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-07-18 // over 2 years ago
  • [Beta] Landscape

    Introducing behaviors for landscape and split view orientations

    🆕 New View Modifiers


    0️⃣ Defines the horizontal alignment for the drawer. The default is fullscreen.

    public enum DrawerAlignment { case leading, center, trailing, fullscreen}


    Drawer(heights: [100, 340]) { Color.blue} .width(.constant(340)) .alignment($alignment)


    Defines a width for the drawer when not in fullscreen alignment.


    Drawer(heights: [100, 340]) { Color.blue}.width(.constant(340))


    ⚡️ A callback to receive updates when the drawer is laid out for a new size class.

    This closure is executed every time the device layout changes (portrait, landscape, and split view).
    👉 Use this to modify your view when the drawer's layout changes.

    Alter the resting heights and alignment when the screen layout changes.

    Drawer(heights: [100, 340]) { Color.blue} .onLayoutForSizeClass { (sizeClass) inswitch (sizeClass.horizontal, sizeClass.vertical) { case (.compact, .compact):// smaller iPhone landscapebreakcase (.compact, .regular):// iPhone portrait// iPad portrait splitview// iPad landscape smaller splitviewbreakcase (.regular, .compact):// larger iPhone landscapebreakcase (.regular, .regular):// iPad fullscreen// iPad landscape larger splitviewbreakdefault:// Unknown layoutbreak } }