Extensive expertise in iOS app development and Swift will help you meet the high demands of Apple’s fans.
If you’re the proud new owner of an iPhone or iPad, you’re probably working your way through iOS, trying to figure out what Apple’s mobile operating system can and can’t do. And while iOS 10 ships with a number of solid apps — Music, Safari and others will keep you entertained and help you get your work done — you can find many more on the App Store that will expand your iOS device’s capabilities.
Cross-platform mobile app development means writing a single code, which has the ability to run on multiple platforms. This is just a perfect way to create mobile apps for businesses, which have little time or fund to spend over multiple platform-versions of a single app.
Before we plunge into the depths of the topic, let us understand a bit about both Swift and Flutter.

Swift: Swift is a coding language that will enable you to create Native iOS Applications for MacOS and iPhones only.

Flutter: Flutter, on the other hand, is an SDK that helps create cross-platform, Mobile applications for iOS and Android.