27 Security libraries and projects

  • CryptoSwift

    9.8 7.1 L4 Swift
    CryptoSwift is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in Swift
  • KeychainAccess

    9.6 2.5 L5 Swift
    Simple Swift wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS.
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  • RNCryptor

    9.2 0.0 Swift
    CCCryptor (AES encryption) wrappers for iOS and Mac in Swift. -- For ObjC, see RNCryptor/RNCryptor-objc
  • Valet

    9.1 4.0 L4 Swift
    Valet lets you securely store data in the iOS, tvOS, or macOS Keychain without knowing a thing about how the Keychain works. It’s easy. We promise.
  • Locksmith

    8.9 0.0 L5 Swift
    A powerful, protocol-oriented library for working with the keychain in Swift.
  • keychain-swift

    8.5 0.5 L5 Swift
    Helper functions for saving text in Keychain securely for iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS.
  • SwiftShield

    8.2 4.0 Swift
    🔒 Swift Obfuscator that protects iOS apps against reverse engineering attacks.
  • SwiftKeychainWrapper

    8.1 1.8 L5 Swift
    A simple wrapper for the iOS Keychain to allow you to use it in a similar fashion to User Defaults. Written in Swift.
  • Themis

    7.6 8.5 L3 C
    Easy to use cryptographic framework for data protection: secure messaging with forward secrecy and secure data storage. Has unified APIs across 14 platforms.
  • Swift-Sodium

    5.9 5.5 L5 C
    Safe and easy to use crypto for iOS and macOS
  • IDZSwiftCommonCrypto

    5.5 0.0 L4 Swift
    A wrapper for Apple's Common Crypto library written in Swift.
  • SecurePropertyStorage

    4.9 4.4 Swift
    Helps you define secure storages for your properties using Swift property wrappers.
  • BlueCryptor

    4.3 1.1 L2 Swift
    Swift cross-platform crypto library using CommonCrypto/libcrypto
  • Siphash

    4.1 0.9 L3 Swift
    Simple and secure hashing in Swift with the SipHash algorithm
  • JOSESwift

    3.8 4.1 Swift
    A framework for the JOSE standards JWS, JWE, and JWK written in Swift.
  • SwiftSSL

    3.8 0.0 L5 Swift
    An Elegant crypto toolkit in Swift.
  • BlueRSA

    3.6 2.5 Swift
    RSA public/private key encryption, private key signing and public key verification in Swift using the Swift Package Manager. Works on iOS, macOS, and Linux (work in progress).
  • AES256CBC

    3.4 5.0 L4 Swift
    Most convenient AES256-CBC encryption for Swift 2
  • OpenSSL

    2.3 0.0 L4 Swift
    Swift OpenSSL for OS X and Linux
  • JMEasyTouchID

    1.8 0.0 L4 Swift
    TouchID one line wrapper.
  • Latch

    1.7 0.0 L5 Swift
    A simple Swift Keychain Wrapper for iOS, watchOS, and OS X.
  • SCrypto

    1.4 0.0 L5 Swift
    Elegant Swift interface to access the CommonCrypto routines
  • KeyClip

    1.3 0.0 L4 Swift
    KeyClip is yet another Keychain library written in Swift.
  • SweetHMAC

    1.3 0.0 L5 Swift
    A tiny and easy to use Swift class to encrypt strings using HMAC algorithms.
  • Keys

    1.2 1.1 L4 Swift
    Uncomplicated cryptography frameworks base on CommonCrypto
  • iOS-TouchID-Swift

    0.7 0.0 L4 Swift
    The TouchID authentication mechanism implemented in Swift.
  • SAMKeychain

    - 0.0 L3 Objective-C
    Simple Objective-C wrapper for the keychain that works on Mac and iOS

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