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The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

Taylor Swift just broke Spotify

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Reading and Validating In App Purchase Receipt Locally.
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  • Swift for C++ Practitioners, Part 1
  • Supabase Swift now officially supported
  • Swift for C++ Practitioners


A most fully customization calendar for Apple platforms 📅
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Kanvas: a creation tool for iOS
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One Line to throttle, debounce and delay: Say Goodbye to Reactive Programming such as RxSwift and Combine.
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Parsing JSON in Swift: The Complete Guide [With Examples]

Parsing JSON data is fundamental to any iOS app that performs remote REST API calls.

Thanks to the Codable protocols introduced in Swift 4, Swift has a native and idiomatic way to parse JSON data.

Paired with the JSONDecoder class, the Decodable protocol allows straightforward JSON decoding in a few lines of code and more sophisticated techniques to handle all the possible data formats and edge cases.
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Supabase Swift now officially supported

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A declarative, performant, iOS calendar UI component that supports use cases ranging from simple date pickers all the way up to fully-featured calendar apps.
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The missing typesafe SwiftUI navigation library
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Kanna(鉋) is an XML/HTML parser for Swift.
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Show progress in your app's Dock icon
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Swift for C++ Practitioners

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  • Distributed SQLite: Paradigm shift or hype?
  • ReAMP, a Winamp Remake in Swift
  • England Limits Youth Gender Medications, Part of Big Shift in Europe

Actor reentrancy in Swift explained – Donny Wals

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Zip Foundation

Effortless ZIP Handling in Swift
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Safe and easy to use crypto for iOS and macOS
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Apple presents Ferret-UI

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Scaling Header Scroll View

A scroll view with a sticky header which shrinks as you scroll. Written with SwiftUI.
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Fatbobman's Swift Weekly #026 - Swift, Beyond the Apple Ecosystem!

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Is there an easy way to do this?

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Distributed SQLite: Paradigm shift or hype?

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A swifter Core Data stack
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ReAMP, a Winamp Remake in Swift

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A better way to present a SFSafariViewController or start a ASWebAuthenticationSession in SwiftUI.
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SwiftySound is a simple library that lets you play sounds with a single line of code.
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A command-line tool and Swift Package for generating class diagrams powered by PlantUML
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Decoding JSON with Dynamic Types in Swift [With Codable]

JSON data is not always homogenous. There are instances in which a JSON object field can contain objects containing different information.

In such cases, the Swift type for the decoding must be determined dynamically.
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