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Periphery: Find and eliminate unused Swift code

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Implementing background upload queue with Swift

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Fast diff library.
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Gloss vs ObjectMapper

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  • Gloss - shiny JSON parsing library.
  • ObjectMapper - JSON object mapper.


Easy way to create and manage scripts.
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Instagram API wrapper.
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Paste JSON as Code • quicktype

Xcode extension to paste JSON as Swift, C++, Java and more
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ObjectMapper vs SwiftyJSON

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  • ObjectMapper - JSON object mapper.
  • SwiftyJSON - A lib for JSON in Swift with error handling.

Vapor vs Kitura

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  • Vapor - Elegant web framework for Swift that works on iOS, OS X, and Ubuntu.
  • Kitura - IBM's web framework and server for web services written in Swift.

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  • Playground driven development in Swift
  • Here is why I stop using Storyboard and also show you how to build login screen UI 100% programmatically
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Customizable Console UI overlay with debug log on top of your iOS App.
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Supernova Studio: Design to Code Software

Supernova is a design to code platform with the mission to accelerate the app development workflow for mobile designers and developers. Supernova Studio allows for flawless conversion of app designs into native iOS, Android and React Native code. Studio takes Sketch designs and converts them, within minutes, into native and production components such as buttons, labels, images, tables and more. That’s just the beginning, Studio employs highly advanced heuristics and analytics allowing for a...
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Playground driven development in Swift

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iOS & OSX Bluetooth library for RxSwift.
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RxSwift vs PromiseKit

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  • RxSwift - Microsoft Reactive Extensions (Rx) for Swift and iOS/OSX platform.
  • PromiseKit - async promise programming lib.


An extensible monitoring framework written in Swift.
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Cartography vs SnapKit

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  • Cartography - declarative auto layout lib for your project.
  • SnapKit - A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X.

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Cleanse vs Swinject

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  • Cleanse - A Lightweight Swift Dependency Injection Framework by Square.
  • Swinject - A dependency injection framework for Swift.


Show off your iOS taps and gestures for demos and videos with just one line of code.
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Eureka vs Former

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  • Eureka - Elegant iOS form builder in swift.
  • Former - A fully customizable Swift 2 library for easy creating UITableView based form.


IBM's low level socket framework.
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Display Apple system-like self-hiding status alerts without interrupting user flow.
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R.swift vs SwiftGen

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  • R.swift - Tool to get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, cells and segues.
  • SwiftGen - A collection of Swift tools to generate Swift code (enums for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, …)

Typhoon vs Swinject

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  • Typhoon - Dependency injection toolkit in Swift.
  • Swinject - A dependency injection framework for Swift.


UICollectionViewLayout to show slanted content.
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