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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.


A Swift micro library for generating Sunrise and Sunset times.
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Responsive Admin Panel or Dashboard - Flutter UI

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🌸 Powerful Codable API requests builder and manager for iOS.
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A simple way to create a UITableView for settings in Swift.
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  • UniversalGraphics: Simple Rendering for Games (Open Source Coming Soon)
  • Siri Gets a Barista Job: Adding Offline Voice AI to a SwiftUI App (Source code in comments)
  • Chaining publishers with Combine in Swift
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🍁🥓 Lightweight and fast Swift library for image downloading, caching and transformations
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Chaining publishers with Combine in Swift

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Linking Dynamic Libraries with Executables in Swift | Ali Hilal

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Protocol-oriented UICollectionView management, powered by generics and associated types.
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A Swift package for rapid development using a collection of micro utility extensions for Standard Library, Foundation, and other native frameworks.
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Building custom Combine operators in Swift

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Instagram Private API Swift
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IGStoryButtonKit provides an easy-to-use button with rich animation and multiple way inspired by instagram story/stories.
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Practical Guide to MatchedGeometryEffect in SwiftUI

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Swifty regular expressions

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Numpy-like library in swift. (Multi-dimensional Array, ndarray, matrix and vector library)
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Swift Literals

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Like a SwiftUI ViewBuilder, but for Text
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Awesome Swift Weekly » 255

Top Stories
  • What's new in Swift Package Manager
  • How to create a Search Bar with SwiftUI
  • Swift Tutorial: Property Observers (willSet and didSet)
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Abstracting Navigation in SwiftUI

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Read and write CSV files row-by-row or through Swift's Codable interface.
Featured Library // Category CSV

What's new in Swift Package Manager

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How to create a Search Bar with SwiftUI

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