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Graphing Dependency Usage in Public Swift Projects

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Building BarChart with Shape API in SwiftUI

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StackViewController v0.5.2

A new version of StackViewController has been released
New Version


Forms that can be validated.
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Ranges in Swift explained with code examples

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Create a temperature dial in SwiftUI

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What’s New in Swift

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OHHTTPStubs v9.0.0

A new version of OHHTTPStubs has been released
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PagingKit provides customizable menu UI
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  • On the road to Swift 6 - Announcements
  • Code Golf now supports Swift :-)
  • Asynchronous Programming with Futures and Promises
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RNCryptor vs CryptoSwift

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  • RNCryptor - CCCryptor (Apple's AES encryption) wrappers for iOS and Mac.
  • CryptoSwift - Crypto related functions and helpers for Swift implemented in Swift programming language.

SwiftUI defaults considered harmful

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When v5.0.0

A new version of When has been released
New Version


Pure Swift MongoDB Connector
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SwiftSVG vs Kingfisher

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  • SwiftSVG - A single pass SVG parser with multiple interface options (String, NS/UIBezierPath, CAShapeLayer, and NS/UIView)
  • Kingfisher - a lib for image download and caching.

Sockets+MVVM in Swift

Let’s understand the basic mechanism behind the socket programming and how to work with socket programming in swift while following the MVVM design pattern.
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On the road to Swift 6 - Announcements

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Optimizing views in SwiftUI using EquatableView

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Sign in with Apple, Part 4: Web and Other Platforms

Part forth in a series Sign in with Apple. Use Sign in with Apple JS to let users set up accounts and sign in to your website and apps on other platforms.
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LaunchAtLogin v3.0.0

A new version of LaunchAtLogin has been released
New Version

Creating your own custom file header | Ordinary Coding

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Mockingbird vs Cuckoo

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  • Mockingbird - A convenient mocking framework for Swift
  • Cuckoo - First boilerplate-free mocking framework for Swift


A modern In-App Purchases management framework for iOS.
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Coroutines for iOS and macOS.
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PureLayout vs SnapKit

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  • PureLayout - The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout.
  • SnapKit - A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X.

DeviceKit v3.0.0

A new version of DeviceKit has been released
New Version


Really sweet and easy bottom pullable sheet implementation. You can find a similar implementation in applications like Apple Maps, Find My, Stocks, etc.
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Asynchronous Programming with Futures and Promises

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Pull -to-dismiss modal presentation in iOS

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