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Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

Closures in Swift explained

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Compile-time safe Swift dependency injection framework
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100 SwiftUI Recipes by

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Sum of Odd Numbers - Friday Swift Code Challenge #1

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A linter tool for Interface Builder
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Transform Component in GameplayKit

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A swifter Core Data stack
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Crowdin iOS SDK delivers all new translations from Crowdin project to the application immediately
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Create Xcode file templates

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  • Flight School book series on Codable, Numbers & Strings are free to download
  • Modularity through packaging— How to create an iOS framework Pt3
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🍋 A lemony fresh iOS image viewer written in Swift.
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Raylib for Swift

A Swift package for Raylib. Builds Raylib from source so no need to fiddle with libraries. Just add as a dependency in you game package and go!
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New SwiftUI Tutorials from Apple

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SwiftUI — MVVM State management in a simple way

SwiftUI is Apple’s new declarative framework for building user interfaces for all Apple devices. This framework can be broken down into two essential components: views and state.
How the state can be managed easily with ViewModel and enum.
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Swiftly Awaiting Async Code Using Appwrite

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A charts / plotting library for SwiftUI. Works on macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS and has accessibility features built in.
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A Swifty mocking framework for Swift and Objective-C.
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Creating icons in Xcode playgrounds

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Template: SwiftUI MVVM Core Data Async Await + Unit Tests

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Collection of native ios extensions and classes to boost development process. Such as UIKit, Foundation, QuartzCore, Accelerate, OpenCV, CoreGraphics, os and more. 超实用开发加速工具收集
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Bottom Sheet for iOS
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A Swift Toast view - iOS 14 style and newer - built with UIKit. 🍞
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Lint anything by combining the power of scripts & regular expressions.
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Awesome Swift Weekly » 309

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  • Take your documentation skills to the next level — How to create an iOS framework pt2
  • Place iOS - r/place canvas clone
  • Multithreading - a deep dive in swift
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Generator of settings icon by SF Symbols. Customisable background color and ready-use in table cell.
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Easy to use and highly customizable charts library for iOS
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