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10 Techniques to Initiate Your App in App Store

Everyone wants to get placed in the App Store. A spot-on Apple's page is a great method to enlarge the traffic, increase the visibility and drive downloads. With more than 2 million applications accessible in the App Store today, the competitors for getting seen by editors is crucial. While there is no for beyond any doubt approach to get included, there are strategies you can use to enhance your odds while iOS app development.
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Fast Swift UIViews layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable.
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SDWebImage vs Kingfisher

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  • SDWebImage - Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category
  • Kingfisher - a lib for image download and caching.



Elegant & Painless Attributed Strings Management Library in Swift.
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AlamofireImage vs Kingfisher

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  • AlamofireImage - AlamofireImage is an image component library for Alamofire.
  • Kingfisher - a lib for image download and caching.

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Blazing fasst 2D gaming engine.
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OysterKit is a framework that provides a native Swift scanning, lexical analysis, and parsing capabilities. In addition it provides a language that can be used to rapidly define the rules used by OysterKit called STLR
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Increasing the tap area of a UIButton

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10 Features you can expect from Upcoming Magento 2.3 release

Magento is ready to launch its new version, Magento 2.3 by the end of the year 2018. Just like the various important release of this platform, this new version is also ready with its improvements and unique feature embedded with it
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Customizable Console UI overlay with debug log on top of your iOS App.
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  • Difference between Try, Try? and Try!
  • iPhone app to manage time for side projects
  • For those of you on Linux, here's some information on installing Swift on non-*buntu distributions
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ObjectMapper vs SwiftyJSON

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  • ObjectMapper - JSON object mapper.
  • SwiftyJSON - A lib for JSON in Swift with error handling.


It is crucial to offer unique products to sell. Without being a robust online store, you won’t be able to sell the products effectively. Below we have sorted out and mentioned some of the critical considerations for the one who are looking forward for starting an online store and aiming towards offering best in class online tailoring solutions.
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Starscream vs Socket.IO

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  • Starscream - Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX.
  • Socket.IO - Socket.IO client for iOS/OS X.

Tailoring Industry and it’s modernization with AI

The AI tailored solutions may not replace humans yet, it is a big opportunity to accelerate insights into customer preferences to align supply and demand, provide a personal customer experience, and upgrade the supply chain to create better products.
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A lightweight customized tab bar view.
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PromiseKit vs RxSwift

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  • PromiseKit - async promise programming lib.
  • RxSwift - Microsoft Reactive Extensions (Rx) for Swift and iOS/OSX platform.

Difference between Try, Try? and Try!

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Mobile App Bug Reporting Best Practices

Bug reporting is a vital a part of any mobile app development process and can easily be managed by following these mobile app bug reporting best practices.
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WebSocket vs Starscream

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  • WebSocket - WebSockets server for Swift 2.2 on Linux.
  • Starscream - Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX.

iPhone app to manage time for side projects

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Rad Media Capture in Swift.
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Swift 4.2 Released!

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Top Features of iOS 12 you should know

After the launch event of most high featured hardware's, Apple has brought for you its latest version of operating system i.e iOS12. Here are the top features of iOS12 you should know.
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An iOS text field that represents different Tags.
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A linter tool for Interface Builder.
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Keep Storyboard/XIB localizations up-to-date or machine translate strings files with ease.
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