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Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!


A Swift package for rapid development using a collection of micro utility extensions for Standard Library, Foundation, and other native frameworks.
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How to create multiline TextField in SwiftUI

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macOS Stocks App built with SwiftCharts!

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🌀HTTP Web API client & Stubber/Mocker built with async/await for Swift
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🧚 Responsive plugin network architecture for RxSwift + Moya + HandyJSON + Plugins.
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The same code doesn’t work

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Why is this sorting algorithm problematic?

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Realm v10.28.4

A new version of Realm has been released
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Pharos is an Observer pattern framework for Swift that utilizes propertyWrapper. It could help a lot when designing Apps using reactive programming
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  • The Modern way to Scan Texts, QR Codes, and Barcodes in Swift
  • Content transition in SwiftUI
  • Someone asked for a twitter layout a few days ago, so I made it. GitHub In Comments
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📱 TabBar – highly customizable tab bar for your SwiftUI application.
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Content transition in SwiftUI

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GradientLoadingBar v2.3.1

A new version of GradientLoadingBar has been released
New Version

Developing with Live Activities API in iOS 16

A detailed guide on how to implement the new Live Activities API, with detailed code samples and principles to meet Apple's requirements.
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🎉 MVVM Project Architecture. 项目基础架构
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The Modern way to Scan Texts, QR Codes, and Barcodes in Swift

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iOS — Persist Data using SQLite.swift Library with SwiftUI example

Wanna learn how to use the SQLite database with SwiftUI?

Here's an article that explains it with a CRUD operation example.
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Using $5 Google Cardboard to replicate Hololens
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Swift Package Manager, build configurations and non compiling iOS projects

Swift Package Manager in Xcode is the newest way of managing third party dependencies of Swift projects. It is very neatly integrated and allows for clean and easy dependency management. At least sometimes.

In this article I am going through struggle of adding SPM to legacy project containing frameworks not compatible with Apple Silicon iOS simulators (arm64).
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Draftsman is a Layout builder based on AutoLayout with Declarative approach
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FlexLayout adds a nice Swift interface to the highly optimized facebook/yoga flexbox implementation. Concise, intuitive & chainable syntax.
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Protocol-oriented UITableView management, powered by generics and associated types.
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📍async/await CoreLocation
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Awesome Swift Weekly » 320

Top Stories
  • Live Activities now available in beta
  • Game Event System with Swift
  • 100 days of Swift - Day 1
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A Swift test double library. Guava - looks like an apple but it's not.
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Live Activities now available in beta

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Recipe scheduler for iOS
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Popup View

Toasts and popups library written with SwiftUI
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