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NTP library for Swift and Objective-C. Get the true time impervious to device clock changes.
Featured Library // Category Date


A New Approach to Testing in Swift

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Used to programmatically control the mouse & keyboard.
Synced from the Github list // Category Utility

ObjectBox embedded database

Swift database - fast, simple and lightweight (iOS, macOS)
Featured Library // Category Data Management

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UIDevice extensions that fill in the missing pieces.
Featured Library // Category Device


A Swift package for rapid development using a collection of micro utility extensions for Standard Library, Foundation, and other native frameworks.
Featured Library // Category Utility

Thread safety in Swift with actors

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Swipe Actions from Scratch

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This library is for adding animation to iOS tabbar items, which is inherited from UITabBarController.
Featured Library // Category Tab

Swift 5.9 Released

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Impose is a simple dependency injection library for Swift
Featured Library // Category Dependency Injection


A flexible UIPageControl like Instagram.
Featured Library // Category Pagination

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Swift community driven package for OpenAI public API
Featured Library // Category AI


iOS 360-degree video player streaming from an AVPlayer.
Featured Library // Category Video

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Publish and discover services using Bonjour
Featured Library // Category Network

Create an API Client Library for iOS in Swift

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🐝 Super ultra drawer view
Featured Library // Category UI

Swift for Scripting

📋A hand-curated collection of useful and informative Swift Scripting materials.
Featured Library // Category Scripting

Learning Through Abstraction

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🍋 A lemony fresh iOS image viewer written in Swift.
Featured Library // Category Images


Native MongoDB driver for Swift, written in Swift
Featured Library // Category MongoDB


A super fast and easy-to-use layout library for iOS. FrameLayoutKit supports complex layouts, including chaining and nesting layout with simple and intuitive operand syntax.
Featured Library // Category Auto Layout new homepage

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TensorFlow Lite: Neural Engine vs. GPU. iPhone 14 Pro

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Reading and Validating In App Purchase Receipt Locally.
Featured Library // Category Payment

How to symbolicate SwiftUI

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