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The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

High Performance Swift Apps

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A SwiftUI Chat UI framework with fully customizable message cells and a built-in media picker
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ZMarkupParser is a pure-Swift library that helps you convert HTML strings into NSAttributedString with customized styles and tags.
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App Store and CloudKit Public Database

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Popups presentation made simple (SwiftUI)
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High performance JSONPath queries for Swift
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Working with dates and Codable in Swift

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A Swift Toast view - iOS 14 style and newer - built with UIKit. 🍞
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🎨 GPU accelerated image / video and camera filter library based on Metal. Support macOS & iOS. 图像、视频、相机滤镜框架
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Discovering Swift Async Algorithms package

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Enable network mocks and more in UI Tests
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Fatbobman's Swift Weekly #020

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Swift library and command line tool to convert SVGs into SFSymbol, PNG, PDF and Swift source code.
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Media Picker

Customizable media picker written with SwiftUI
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Swift Game Engine supporting Windows, Linux, macOS, HTML5, and more 🚂
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Designing APIs with typed throws in Swift

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Swift joins Google Summer of Code 2024

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Built a tool that converts XIBs to Swift View Code

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Telegram Vapor Bot (SDK for creating Telegram Bots in Swift)

🤖 The wrapper for the Telegram Bot API written in Swift with Vapor. It's not a framework. There is no special syntax here. This is a library that implements all Telegram Bot API methods, which is available to you to work with Vapor.
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