SDWebImage v5.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-16 // 2 days ago
  • 🔋 Features

    Thumbnail Decoding

    • 👌 Supports to load the large web image with thumbnail, control the limit size and aspect ratio #2922 #2810
    • 👍 Better than resize transformer, which does not allocate full pixel RAM and faster on CPU. If you've already use transformer to generate thumbnail, you'd better have a try
    • Works for both animated images and progressive images, each frame using the thumbnail decoding
    • 👀 Applies for Vector Format like SVG/PDF as well, see more in Coder Plugin List

    Core Image

    • 👌 Support all transformer method on CIImage based UIImage/NSImage #2918
    • For CIImage based UIImage/NSImage, using the CIFilter to take shortcut, which is faster and lazy (rasterize on demand)


    • 👌 Support to use the creation date and the change date to determine the disk cache expire date compare #2915

    🐎 Performances

    • Using UIGraphicsImageRenderer on iOS 10+, save memory when image bitmap is RGB(-25%) or Grayscale(-75%) #2907
    • 🍎 Provide the polyfill APIs for firmware iOS 10- and macOS. If you already use SDGraphicsBeginImageContext for drawing, you'd better replace that instead.

    🛠 Fixes

    • 🛠 Fix Gaussian Blur's bug which take half of the blur radius compared to the standard, should match Core Image's behavior #2927

Previous changes from v5.4.2