Siesta v1.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-08-07 // about 4 years ago
  • ✨ Enhancements

    🛠 Fixes

    • ⚠ SiestaUI and Alamofire submodules no longer generate spurious compiler warnings when built with CocoaPods. (#195)
    • 🚀 The README’s table of contents suffered from a Banner-Blindness-like invisibility. It now says “Table of Contents.” I mention this in the release notes only so I can publicly thank @zadr for pointing it out.

    💥 Breaking Changes


    Special Exciting Bonus

    💻 A preview of Swift 4 support is available on the swift-4 branch. Kick the tires! Check out the example project on that branch for an example of using Swift 4’s JSON coding with Siesta.