XMLCoder v0.9.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-19 // 5 months ago
  • 🚀 This release fixes a few bugs with Float type parsing and Swift 5.1 support on 🐧 Linux. It also adds a helper extension to improve compatibility with Combine and ➕ adds a few tests to confirm that a few edges cases are working well. Thanks to @bwetherfield, @DJBen, @jsbean, @mxcl, @marcblanchet and @sharplet for bug reports and pull requests!

    Implemented enhancements:

    • Conditionally conform to Combine.TopLevelDecoder #132 (sharplet)

    🛠 Fixed bugs:

    • Value with copyright symbol © has its preceding whitespace trimmed off even trimValueWhitespaces is set to false #141
    • 📜 Float vs Float64=Double not parsing 3.14 #130

    Closed issues:

    • TrackPoint position parameter is ignored #125
    • TCX file need an XML root node #124
    • [Swift 5.1] Import FoundationXML rather than Foundation #121

    🔀 Merged pull requests:

Previous changes from v0.8.0

  • 🚀 This release adds support for decoding and encoding ordered sequences of different elements as enums with associated values. In addition, XMLCoder now 👌 supports Linux. Many thanks to @jsbean, @bwetherfield and @drewag for implementing this!

    💥 Breaking changes:

    • 🛠 Fixed typo in XMLDecoder property: errorContextLenght has been renamed to errorContextLength in #114.

    Closed issues:

    • XML with autoclosed tags #116
    • Arrays of enums #91
    • Array of enums with associated values #25

    🔀 Merged pull requests:

    • Decoding choice elements that can hold empty structs #120 (@bwetherfield)
    • 👍 Encodable and Decodable support for choice elements #119 (@jsbean)
    • ➕ Add Linux support #117 (@drewag)
    • 🛠 Fix typo: errorContextLenght -> errorContextLength #114 (@jsbean)