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  • v5.2.0 Changes

    🆕 New

    • ⚡️ Setting TableViewUpdater instance to tableViewUpdater property on DTTableViewManager now triggers didUpdateContent closure on TableViewUpdater.
    • ➕ Added sectionIndexTitles event to replace UITableViewDataSource.sectionIndexTitles(for:) method.
    • ➕ Added sectionForSectionIndexTitle event to replace UITableViewDataSource.tableView(_:sectionForSectionIndexTitle:at) method.

    🛠 Bugfixes

    • All events that return Optional value now accept nil as a valid event result.
    • didDeselect(_:,_:) method now accepts closure without return type - since UITableViewDelegate does not have return type in that method.
  • v5.1.0 Changes

    🚀 Dependency changelog -> DTModelStorage 4.0.0 and higher

    • ⚡️ TableViewUpdater has been rewritten to use new StorageUpdate properties that track changes in order of their occurence.
    • ⚡️ TableViewUpdater reloadRowClosure and DTTableViewManager updateCellClosure now accept indexPath and model instead of just indexPath. This is done because update may happen after insertions and deletions and object that needs to be updated may exist on different indexPath.
  • v5.0.0 Changes

    No changes

  • v5.0.0-beta.3 Changes

    • DTModelStorage dependency now requires Realm 2.0
    • UITableViewDelegate heightForHeaderInSection and heightForFooterInSection are now properly called on the delegate, if it implements it(thanks, @augmentedworks!).
  • v5.0.0-beta.2 Changes

    ➕ Added

    • DTTableViewOptionalManageable protocol, that is identical to DTTableViewManageable, but allows optional tableView property instead of implicitly unwrapped one.
    • Enabled RealmStorage from DTModelStorage dependency
  • v5.0.0-beta.1 Changes

    📚 This is a major release, written in Swift 3. Read [Migration guide](Documentation/Migration%20guides/ with descriptions of all features and changes.

    🚀 Dependency changelog -> DTModelStorage 3.0.0 and higher

    ➕ Added

    • 🆕 New events system that covers almost all available UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource delegate methods.
    • 🆕 New class - TableViewUpdater, that is calling all animation methods for UITableView when required by underlying storage.
    • ⚡️ updateCellClosure method on DTTableViewManager, that manually updates visible cell instead of calling tableView.reloadRowsAt(_:) method.
    • ⚡️ coreDataUpdater property on DTTableViewManager, that creates TableViewUpdater object, that follows Apple's guide for updating UITableView from NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate events.
    • isManagingTableView property on DTTableViewManager
    • unregisterCellClass(_:), unregisterHeaderClass(_:), unregisterFooterClass(_:) methods to unregister mappings from DTTableViewManager and UITableView

    🔄 Changed

    • Event system is migrated to new EventReaction class from DTModelStorage
    • Swift 3 API Design guidelines have been applied to all public API.
    • ⚡️ Section and row animations are now set on TableViewUpdater class instead of TableViewConfiguration


    • 🚚 itemForVisibleCell, itemForCellClass:atIndexPath:, itemForHeaderClass:atSectionIndex:, itemForFooterClass:atSectionIndex: were removed - they were not particularly useful and can be replaced with much shorter Swift conditional typecasts.
    • registerCellClass:whenSelected method
    • All events methods with method pointer semantics. Please use block based methods instead.
    • dataBindingBehaviour property.
    • viewBundle property on DTTableViewManager. Bundle is not determined automatically based on view class.
    • ⚡️ DTTableViewContentUpdatable protocol. Use TableViewUpdater properties instead.
  • v4.8.0 Changes

    🔄 Changed

    • 👌 Support for building in both Swift 2.2 and Swift 2.3
    • Now all view registration methods use NSBundle(forClass:) constructor, instead of falling back on DTTableViewManager viewBundle property. This allows having cells from separate bundles or frameworks to be used with single DTTableViewManager instance.
  • v4.7.0 Changes

    🚀 Dependency changelog -> DTModelStorage 2.6.0 and higher

  • v4.6.0 Changes

    🚀 Dependency changelog -> DTModelStorage 2.5 and higher

    💥 Breaking

    • 🚀 Update to Swift 2.2. This release is not backwards compatible with Swift 2.1.

    🔄 Changed

    • Require Only-App-Extension-Safe API is set to YES in framework targets.
  • v4.5.3