Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
Tags: UI     Alert    
Latest version: v1.0.3

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CFNotify is written in Swift. Using UIKit Dynamics as animator. It can make ANY UIView object draggable and throwable. This library mainly use for in-app notification and alerts. Let's notice and alert your users in more playable and fun way !

[Demo1](image/Demo1.gif) [Demo2](image/Demo2.gif) [Demo3](image/Demo3.gif)


  • [x] Work with ANY UIView object !
  • [x] Using UIKit Dynamics. Light and Smooth !
  • [x] Highly Customizable
  • [x] Included three ready to use views: CyberView, ClassicView, ToastView
  • [x] Simple to implement


  • Swift 4.0+
  • Xcode 9
  • iOS 9.0+

Change Log

Please read [CHANGELOG.md](CHANGELOG.md).


  github "JT501/CFNotify"

Run carthage update and then add CFNotify.framework and CFResources.bundle into your project

  pod "CFNotify"

Getting Started

There is an example project inside the source code. You are suggested to have a look first and get familiar with this framework.

The Basics

This is the basic function with all default settings, design your own UIView or use CFNotifyView to create one easily.

CFNotify.present(view: UIView)

If you need more custom settings, create your own Config and use the following function.

CFNotify.present(config: Config, view: UIView)

if you want custom tap action, use the following function. (If you use tapHandler, it will override the default tap to hide action)

CFNotify.present(config: Config, view: UIView, tapHandler: (()->Void)?)

CFNotify will put all the views to be shown in queue (First In First Out). You can hide the view programmatically using the following functions.

CFNotify.hide() // hide the current view

CFNotify.hideAll() // hide all the views in queue (Clear the queue)


You can create an alert view quickly and easily by using CFNotifyView class.

CFNotifyView included 3 views currently: Cyber, Classic, Toast.

Each style has 4 themes: Info, Success, Fail, Warning

Each theme has 2 styles: Light and Dark

  • #### Cyber [CyberView](image/CyberView.png) ````swift // Use Pre-set theme let cyberView = CFNotifyView.cyberWith(title: "Title", body: "Body", theme: .info(.light))

//More customizations let customCyberView = CFNotifyView.cyberWith(titleFont: UIFont, titleColor: UIColor, bodyFont: UIFont, bodyColor: UIColor, backgroundColor: UIColor, blurStyle: UIBlurEffectStyle)

* #### Classic
  // Use Pre-set theme
  let classicView = CFNotifyView.classicWith(title: "Title",
                                              body: "Body",
                                             theme: .success(.light))

  //More customizations
  let customClassicView = CFNotifyView.classicWith(titleFont: UIFont,
                                                  titleColor: UIColor,
                                                    bodyFont: UIFont,
                                                   bodyColor: UIColor,
                                             backgroundColor: UIColor)
  • #### Toast [ToastView](image/ToastView.png) ````swift // Use Pre-set theme let toastView = CFNotifyView.toastWith(text: "Text", theme: .fail(.dark))

//More customizations let customToastView = CFNotifyView.toastWith(text: String, textFont: UIFont, textColor: UIColor, backgroundColor: UIColor)

### Config
You can config `CFNotify` using `Config` class. `Config` class included lots of properties, the following three are the most common:
* `initPosition` : where the view is born
* `appearPosition` : where the view appear position
* `hideTime` : the view will automatically hide after `hideTime` (default is 3 sec)

var classicViewConfig = CFNotify.Config()
classicViewConfig.initPosition = .top(.random) //the view is born at the top randomly out of the boundary of screen
classicViewConfig.appearPosition = .top //the view will appear at the top of screen
classicViewConfig.hideTime = .never //the view will never automatically hide


CFNotify provides Delegate methods for some of common events. You need to conform to the CFNotifyDelegate.

func cfNotifyDidAppear() {}

func cfNotifyStartDragging(atPoint: CGPoint) {}

func cfNotifyIsDragging(atPoint: CGPoint) {}

func cfNotifyEndDragging(atPoint: CGPoint) {}

func cfNotifyDidDisappear() {}

func cfNotifyIsTapped() {}

To-Do List

  • [ ] Add SPM support
  • [ ] Improve the example app
  • [ ] Add alert view with buttons
  • [ ] Full documentation

Bugs and issues

If you find any bugs or encounter some issues regard to this framework, please feel free to open a new issue in Issues page.


You are welcome to contribute into this project, feel free to Pull Request.


CFNotify is released under an MIT License. See [LICENSE](LICENSE) for details.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the CFNotify README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.