Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
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Latest version: v3.0.4

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[Notification Banner](NotificationBanner/Assets/header.png)

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Written in Swift 5

NotificationBanner is an extremely customizable and lightweight library that makes the task of displaying in app notification banners and drop down alerts an absolute breeze in iOS.

Basic Banners Banners with Side Views Status Bar Banners
[Basic Banners](NotificationBanner/Assets/basic.gif) [Banners with Side Views](NotificationBanner/Assets/side_views.gif) [Status Bar Banners](NotificationBanner/Assets/status_bar.gif)
Growing Banners Floating Banners Stacked Banners
[Growing Banners](NotificationBanner/Assets/growing.gif) [Floating Banners](NotificationBanner/Assets/floating.gif) [Floating Banners](NotificationBanner/Assets/stacked.gif)


  • Highly customizable ✅
  • NSAttributedString support ✅
  • iPhone, iPhoneX, & iPad Support ✅
  • Orientation change support ✅
  • Custom UIView support ✅
  • Custom colors support ✅
  • Support for long titles/ subtitles ✅
    • NotificationBanner uses horizontal scrolling labels
    • GrowingNotificationBanner grows in height as needed
  • Presenting from top or bottom support ✅
  • Haptic feeback support ✅
  • Built in banner queue ✅
  • Allow to display several banners simultaneously, configurable in banners queue ✅
  • Accessibility support ✅


  • iOS 10.0+
  • Xcode 10.0+



NotificationBanner is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

Swift 5 + Xcode 11 + iOS 13 Support
pod 'NotificationBannerSwift', '~> 3.0.0'
Swift 5 + Xcode 10.x
pod 'NotificationBannerSwift', '2.5.0'
Swift 4.2
pod 'NotificationBannerSwift', '2.0.1'
Swift 4.0
pod 'NotificationBannerSwift', '1.6.3'
pod 'MarqueeLabel/Swift', '3.1.6'

Then add import NotificationBannerSwift at the top of each file you use NotificationBanner in your project.


To use NotificationBanner via Carthage simply add this line to your Cartfile:

Swift 5
github "Daltron/NotificationBanner" "master"

Then add NotificationBanner.framework and the dependencies SnapKit.framework and MarqueeLabel.framework in your project.

Swift Package Manager

You can also add this library as swift package manager.

  1. Go to File > Add Packages
  2. The Add Package dialog appears, by default with Apple packages.
  3. In the upper right hand corner, paste https://github.com/Daltron/NotificationBanner into the search bar
  4. Hit Return to kick off the search
  5. Click Add Package.


Creating drop down alerts with NotificationBanner is easy. To create a regular banner (with scrolling labels) and show it, simply:

let banner = NotificationBanner(title: title, subtitle: subtitle, style: .success)

If you want to create a banner which grows in height as needed and show it accordingly just use GrowingNotificationBanner instead of NotificationBanner:

let banner = GrowingNotificationBanner(title: title, subtitle: subtitle, style: .success)

To create a status bar alert, simply:

let banner = StatusBarNotificationBanner(title: title, style: .success)

By default, each banner will be displayed on the main application window. If you are wanting to show a banner below a navigation bar, simply show on the view controller that is within the navigation system:

banner.show(on: viewController)

By default, each banner will present from the top. If you are wanting to display from the bottom, simply:

banner.show(bannerPosition: .bottom)

Each of the show properties defined above can be mixed and matched to work flawlessly with eachother.

By default, each banner will automatically dismiss after 5 seconds. To dismiss programatically, simply:


To show a banner infinitely until it is manually dismissed, simply:

banner.autoDismiss = false

NotificationBanner has five prebuilt styles that you can choose from:

public enum BannerStyle {
    case danger
    case info
    case customView
    case success
    case warning

You can override the predefined colors that NotificationBanner uses for any style by conforming to the BannerColorsProtocol:

public protocol BannerColorsProtocol {
    func color(for style: BannerStyle) -> UIColor

Its as easy as creating a custom banner colors class:

class CustomBannerColors: BannerColorsProtocol {

    internal func color(for style: BannerStyle) -> UIColor {
        switch style {
            case .danger:   // Your custom .danger color
            case .info:     // Your custom .info color
            case .customView:   // Your custom .customView color
            case .success:  // Your custom .success color
            case .warning:  // Your custom .warning color


And then passing in that class to any notification banner you create:

let banner = NotificationBanner(title: title, style: .success, colors: CustomBannerColors())

By default, the .info style will be applied to the banner if no style is provided in the init method. You can set the background color of a banner at any time by simply setting the backgroundColor.

Banners with Side Views

A notification banner can have a left accessory view, a right accessory view, or both:

// Success Style Notification with Left View
let leftView = UIImageView(image: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "success"))
let banner = NotificationBanner(title: title, subtitle: subtitle, leftView: leftView, style: .success)

 // Danger Style Notification with Right View
let rightView = UIImageView(image: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "danger"))
let banner = NotificationBanner(title: title, subtitle: subtitle, rightView: rightView, style: .danger)

// Info Style Notification with Left and Right Views
let leftView = UIImageView(image: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "info"))
let rightView = UIImageView(image: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "right_chevron"))
let banner = NotificationBanner(title: title, subtitle: subtitle, leftView: leftView, rightView: rightView, style: .info)

[Banners with Side Views](NotificationBanner/Assets/side_views.gif)

Each side view will be automically reisized to fit perfectly

Banners with a Custom View

A notification banner can also be initalized with a custom view:

let banner = NotificationBanner(customView: NorthCarolinaBannerView())

[Custom Banner](NotificationBanner/Assets/custom.gif)

Handling User Interaction

By default, when a banner is tapped or swiped up by a user, it will be dismissed. If you want to detect when the user taps or swipes up on a banner, simply:

banner.onTap = {
    // Do something regarding the banner
banner.onSwipeUp = {
    // Do something regarding the banner

Banner Events

You can choose to opt into a notification banner's events by registering as its delegate:

banner.delegate = self

Then just make sure to implement the following methods:

func notificationBannerWillAppear(_ banner: BaseNotificationBanner)
func notificationBannerDidAppear(_ banner: BaseNotificationBanner)
func notificationBannerWillDisappear(_ banner: BaseNotificationBanner)
func notificationBannerDidDisappear(_ banner: BaseNotificationBanner)

Haptic Feedback Support

By default, when a banner is displayed, a haptic feedback will be generated on devices that support it. The types of haptic feedback are as follows:

public enum BannerHaptic {
    case light
    case medium
    case heavy
    case none

To change the type of haptic feedback to generate when a banner is shown, simply:

banner.haptic = .heavy

Banner Queue

By default, each notification banner is placed onto a singleton of an auto-managed NotificationBannerQueue. This allows an infinite amount of banners to be displayed without one hiding the other. If you have multiple controllers within your navigation stack that need to be managed by a seperate queue (like a tab bar controller), simply create an instance of a NotificationBannerQueue and pass it in to the show function:

banner.show(queue: customQueue)

By default, each notification banner is placed on the back of the queue. If you would rather place the banner in the front and show it immediately no matter how many banners are in the queue, simply state it in the show() method:

banner.show(queuePosition: .front)

Adding a banner to the front of the queue will temporarily suspend the currently displayed banner (if there is one) and will resume it after the banner in front of it dismisses.

To get the number of banners currently on the queue, simply:

let numberOfBanners = NotificationBannerQueue.default.numberOfBanners

This is all automatically managed!

Banner Queue and display banners simultaneously (stacked)

You can also create the queue to display several banners at once with controlling of maximum number of banners to be displayed simultaneously. You can "show" more banners than allowed by queue settings - banners what exceed this value will be displayed some time later, after some banners already displayed on screen will be closed. In example below we create queue with maximum simultaneous banners allowed - 3:

let bannerQueueToDisplaySeveralBanners = NotificationBannerQueue(maxBannersOnScreenSimultaneously: 3)

Create five different banners:

let banner1 = FloatingNotificationBanner(
    title: "Success Notification - 1",
    subtitle: "First Notification from 5 in current queue with 3 banners allowed simultaneously",
    style: .success
banner1.delegate = self

let banner2 = FloatingNotificationBanner(
    title: "Danger Notification - 2",
    subtitle: "Second Notification from 5 in current queue with 3 banners allowed simultaneously",
    style: .danger
banner2.delegate = self

let banner3 = FloatingNotificationBanner(
    title: "Info Notification - 3",
    subtitle: "Third Notification from 5 in current queue with 3 banners allowed simultaneously",
    style: .info
banner3.delegate = self

let banner4 = FloatingNotificationBanner(
    title: "Success Notification - 4",
    subtitle: "Fourth Notification from 5 in current queue with 3 banners allowed simultaneously",
    style: .success
banner4.delegate = self

let banner5 = FloatingNotificationBanner(
    title: "Info Notification - 5",
    subtitle: "Fifth Notification from 5 in current queue with 3 banners allowed simultaneously",
    style: .info
banner5.delegate = self

and show all five banners at once:

    [banner1, banner2, banner3, banner4, banner5],
    in: bannerQueue5AllowedMixed

using this supporting method

func showBanners(
    _ banners: [FloatingNotificationBanner],
    in notificationBannerQueue: NotificationBannerQueue
) {
    banners.forEach { banner in
            bannerPosition: selectedBannerPosition(),
            queue: notificationBannerQueue,
            cornerRadius: 8,
            shadowColor: UIColor(red: 0.431, green: 0.459, blue: 0.494, alpha: 1),
            shadowBlurRadius: 16,
            shadowEdgeInsets: UIEdgeInsets(top: 8, left: 8, bottom: 0, right: 8)

It will display first three banners at once, and after some time (or by user tap) it will be hidden and 4 and 5 banner will be displayed when. All it with fancy animation.

Feature Requests

I'd love to know anything that you think NotificationBanner is missing. Open an issue and I'll add the feature request label to it and I'll do everything I can to accomodate that request if it is in the library's best interest. 😄

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Feel free to add yours!


Dalton Hinterscher, [email protected]


NotificationBanner is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the NotificationBanner README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.